Creativity is the bedrock of every civilization and the truth of this assertion cannot be more obvious than in the rapid changes that have been brought about in the wake of the Internet and the digital revolution. The potentials and possibilities available on the various platforms are limitless. Availability in real time, even across geographical divides, has become more critical in this rapidly changing world.

Director-General NCC

As the government agency responsible for all copyright matters in Nigeria, with implied mandates in other related IP issues, the Nigerian Copyright Commission is pleased to have you and welcome you to explore this virtual window to Nigerian creativity.

The primary focus of the Commission is to achieve more efficiency in service delivery and to provide needed support for all creative industries. To this end we are working with various stakeholders and partners to fully harness the potentials of creativity for national development. We have therefore stepped up activities in the areas of legislative reforms, enforcement, capacity building and information dissemination.


This site is not only designed to be a virtual meeting room to meet with you but also a practical tool to give you easy access to our services. It is therefore a delight to have you visit and I welcome any comments or questions that you may have on any aspects of copyright (or indeed intellectual property) in Nigeria.


I look forward to having you again soon.